A Spring Sketch.

A fair spring morn it is, so warm and still ;1
The sun is up, and all is clear and bright,2
Save that a steel-blue shade basks on the hill,3
A steel-blue haze that is not mist nor light.4
Sweet on the ear the teamster’s mellow ‘ gee,’5
The click of harrows over stony knolls,6
And all the home-life sounds of husbandry,7
Break ever and anon. Across the wolds,8
A flock of geese in wedge-shaped order wing9
To some far feeding-ground ; while overhead10
Stray teals, late risen from their reedy bed,11
Wheel round and round. The healthful airs of spring12
Go pulsing past for all ; and man and beast13
Joy in the fulness of the vernal feast.14