Clouds of golden daybreak1
Are in dew exhaling ;2
Bright above the rainbow,3
Snowy clouds are sailing.4
Hark ! the changeless echo5
Of that wandering bird,6
Never tired repeating7
That Numidian word,8
Cuckoo !9
Sweet are April mornings10
When the showers are over,11
And the rain-drops sparkle12
On the three-leafed clover.13
There again the echo14
Of the phantom bird,15
Never tired repeating16
That enchanter’s word,17
Cuckoo !18
Eastern clouds and roses19
Turn when day arises ;20
Night’s dim shadows, Phœbus21
With a shaft surprises.22
Pleasant then the echo23
Of Spring’s herald bird,24
Never tired repeating25
That mysterious word,26
Cuckoo !27
Bright the buds around us28
Everywhere are laughing,29
While the cowslips’ honey30
Many a bee is quaffing.31
Sweet in spring the echo32
Of that Afric bird,33
Never tired repeating34
That Numidian word,35
Cuckoo ! Cuckoo !36