Too Soon.

She came, how sweet and fair she came1
To our rude earth, and stayed awhile,2
A tender spirit, free from blame,3
And lit with an angelic smile.4
Ah me ! that smiles so sweet should fade5
From lips that in the grave are laid.6
She was so young, the light intense7
That seemed to guard her from her birth,8
Spoke but of stainless innocence,9
And purity too great for earth.10
Ah me ! that light so pure should fade11
From eyes that in the grave are laid.12
And then she left us, as a bark13
White-winged sinks dimly from our sight,14
Or as some sweet song-burdened lark15
Soars upward to the realms of light.16
Ah me ! that youth and hope should fade17
When beauty in the grave is laid.18