Lines on Portobello.

Written After a Visit of two Months in 1877.

The lines are a reply to the old song, beginning ‘ By
Pinkie House oft let me walk, to muse on Nelly’s
charms.’ For a suitable rhyme to ‘ Nelly, the name
Portobello’ is given as ‘Portobelli,’ such being the
ordinary pronunciation by certain classes in Edinburgh.
Though Pinkie walks are wondrous fine,1
For musing on your Nelly,2
I much prefer for change of air,3
The walks in ‘ Portobelli.’4
I’ll ne’er repine for charms divine5
You find in lovely Nelly ;6
The charms that last, are to my taste7
The charms of ‘ Portobelli.’8
The yellow sands, with mirthful bands,9
And nought to e’er repel ye ;10
That beach so rare, beyond compare,11
Which fringes ‘ Portobelli.’12
A beauteous scene, the air serene,13
Ah ! what can e’er excel ye !14
The sum of health, above all wealth,15
You ’ll find in ‘ Portobelli.’16
A choice retreat, with dwellings meet17
Fit home for any Nelly ;18
They’re to be blest who take their rest19
In pleasant ‘ Portobelli.’20
Where’er I roam and far from home,21
I’ll not forget to tell aye,22
Of happy summer days I spent23
With friends in ‘ Portobelli.’24