The Leafy Time of June.

The leaves are green upon the bough ;1
The swallow’s on the wing ;2
The cuckoo’s note, from yonder wood,3
Doth all melodious ring.4
It is the time when every bird5
His mellowest pipe doth tune :6
Of cloudless skies, of summer flowers,7
The leafy time of June !8
The lilies white, upon the pool9
Their golden stamens shew ;10
Their snowy cups bright-mirrored in11
The silver stream below.12
And like a meteor flashing swift13
And sudden from the sky,14
Darts, arrowy, across the reeds15
The jewelled dragon-fly.16
The rose’s scent and meadow-hay17
Perfume the summer air ;18
The buttercups and cowslip bells19
Their yellowest vestments wear,20
For ’tis the balmy blossom-time,21
When Nature doth attune22
All hearts her beauties to enjoy—23
The leafy time of June !24