A Lament for Summer.

Weep, Mother Nature, weep ;1
Summer is dead.2
See ! there she lies in her shroud of flowers,3
Drooping her sun-crowned head ;4
While the Past Hours5
Kneel, all weeping round her flowery bed.6
Blow gently, Autumn Winds ;7
Sigh soft and low ;8
Summer only knew Zephyr’s balmy breath ;9
But she that loved him so10
Now lies in death.11
Sing ye her dirge—but sing it soft and low.12
Mourn, O ye Dryads ! mourn !13
Your woods are bare,14
The gracious Summer with her sunny light15
No more will linger there.16
Her spirit bright17
Has spread her wings, and vanished into air.18
Soft fall, ye Autumn Rains !19
Summer has fled ;20
Fall gently on her fair and fragrant face,21
As tears from heaven shed.22
Lost is her grace ;23
Then weeping, fall on the belovèd Dead.24