The Snowdrop.

Through days of rain and nights of snow1
A Flower grew silently and slow,2
Till all around was white ;3
Then clad in robes of tender green,4
With faëry bells that peep between,5
The Snowdrop seeks the light.6
What kindly hand has tended thee7
In thy dark cell where none could see8
The future promise bright ?9
How could we know while Nature slept,10
A treasure like thyself she kept11
To gladden Winter’s sight ?12
Only a drooping Flower of Snow !13
It sets the beating heart aglow14
With hopes of brighter times ;15
And while the little snowbells ring,16
We hear the music of the Spring17
Float on the airy chimes.18
A Flower so tender, yet so brave,19
That springs from out a wintry grave,20
Needs not the praise of song.21
I hear thee whisper, Flower of Snow :22
Through days of sorrow, nights of woe,23
Be hopeful, and be strong !’24