Love’s Roses.

In a meadow gay and flowered,1
On a balmy summer’s day,2
Walked a maid by nature dowered3
With more charms than tongue can say.4
As her arms with flowers she laded,5
Gay and childish was her air,6
And her charming face was shaded7
By her curls of chestnut hair.8


In that meadow, o’er the daisies,9
Wander two, instead of one,10
And a handsome stranger gazes11
At the sweet maid he has won,12
Thrice as happy is the maiden13
As when with the flowers she played ;14
All her heart with love is laden15
For the idol she has made.16


Still that meadow ; but the roses17
From the maiden’s cheeks have gone ;18
No more gathers she sweet posies,19
But she wanders there alone.20
Neath her feet a daisy-token21
Smiles, though crushed by feet of men ;22
But the sweet maid’s heart is broken :23
She can never love again.24