Lost Friendship.

If I could know you feel just one regret1
For all the joy and love of long ago,2
That some dear mem’ry makes the tear-drops wet3
Dim your sweet eyes that I have worshipped so4
If I could feel your hand in mine again,5
See your most perfect face with crown of sheen,6
Then deathless night, which on my life has lain,7
Would change to golden morning’s smiling mien.8
Could I but heal your great heart-pain at last,9
Fire your pure soul with some deep love new-born,10
Then wipe away the darkness of the past11
With shattered hopes and broken vows you mourn,12
Sweet ! I would give my life to bear the blow,13
All my great love to have instead your pain,14
And rest content if I could only know15
My gift to you had not been made in vain.16