Summer in the Heart.

Spring-time may lose its freshest tints,1
And Autumn leaves their gold,2
The bitter blast and snowy wreath3
May sweep across the wold ;4
But the years are full of splendours5
That never will depart,6
For they shed eternal fragrance7
When there’s Summer in the Heart.8
The shadows linger on the earth,9
The sunbeams hide away,10
The sad mists fold their chill white hands11
About the face of day ;12
The tumult and the rush of life13
Sound aye in street and mart ;14
But they cannot drown life’s music15
When there’s Summer in the Heart.16
The city towers are crumbling fast,17
And totter to their fall ;18
The ivied castle on the height19
Shows many a ruined wall ;20
But men build eternal dwellings21
With strange and wondrous art,22
They are shrines for the Immortals23
When there’s Summer in the Heart.24