To Those Who Fail.

Courage, brave heart ; nor in thy purpose falter ;1
Go on, and win the fight at any cost.2
Though sick and weary after heavy conflict,3
Rejoice to know the battle is not lost.4
The field is open still to those brave spirits5
Who nobly struggle till the strife is done,6
Through sun and storm with courage all undaunted,7
Working and waiting till the battle’s won.8
The fairest pearls are found in deepest waters,9
The brightest jewels in the darkest mine ;10
And through the very blackest hour of midnight11
The star of Hope doth ever brightly shine.12
Press on ! Press on ! the path is steep and rugged,13
And storm-clouds almost hide Hope’s light from
view ;
But you can pass where other feet have trodden :15
A few more steps may bring you safely through.16
The battle o’er, a victor crowned with honours ;17
By patient toil, each difficulty past,18
You then may see these days of bitter failure19
But spurred you on to greater deeds at last.20