How Long?

Out of the south is the chill wind blowing,1
Straight from the white world of ice and snow ;2
And over the wild sea my thoughts are going3
To a far country where roses glow.4
For, dear, unto thee, when the clouds are flying5
Like war-torn banners the skies along,6
In mournful measure my heart is crying7
Oh, my belovèd ! How long ? how long ?8
Low overhead are the dark mists trailing,9
And hiding the mountains from longing eyes ;10
And, far beyond them, the ships are sailing11
To thy fair home-land—Love’s paradise !12
But here the skylark has ceased his singing,13
And dropped to his nest with a broken song,14
And ever to thee is my wild cry winging15
Love of my heart ! How long ? how long ?16