Rondeau: At Set of Day.

At set of day the long, lithe shadows creep1
From out the west where the last sunbeams stray ;2
Afar at sea the dark-blue grows more deep,3
The opal foam upon the waves turns gray,4
And the light breezes murmur low of sleep.5
A subtle fragrance the calm air doth steep6
From lily bells and lilac plumes that sway,7
While love-sick dews their pearly tear-drops weep,8
At set of day.9
The lowing kine pass on their homeward way10
Through quiet fields and lanes where hedge-birds cheep.11
My heart sings songs my lips could never say12
At morn or noon ; but, ah ! strange pulses leap,13
And Love has many a passionate prayer to pray14
At set of day.15