The Waning Light.

The flowers fade out on moor and woodland,1
And stormier waves caress the beach ;2
The winds are louder in the forests,3
And wailing grasses low beseech :4
How tender are the later blossoms !5
In red and pink they shine, and stand,6
A gentle memory of the beauties7
That lured us in the summer land !8
The martens on the posts are sitting ;9
They twitter soft their pensive lay ;10
An instinct guides their every motion,11
And soon they wing their devious way.12
How, to my heart, the scenes of colour,13
The pictured glow on leaf and flower,14
Speak of our frail and changing nature,15
And of life’s fitful fever’d hour !16
But as, with gentleness alluring,17
Each blossom fades, each leaf is shed,18
May I, too, uncomplaining, hasten19
To life’s swift goal, in mercy led !20
The Wise Design that guides the blossom,21
The loving thought that tones the tree,22
Be spirit-lessons to my spirit,23
Be consolation, friend, to thee !24