Scotland’s Song of Liberty,

to William Lovett, John Collins, and
Dr P. M. M’Douall,

On their liberation from the Prisons of England,
July and August, 1840.

With spirit still unbroken,1
From England’s dungeon walls,2
Come ye !—the welcome’s spoken3
Come ! ’tis a nation calls.4
Come ! come ! to the hearts that bound to be5
Once more with the tried and fearless three6
For labour’s rights contending7
As bravely as before,8
Fair freedom still defending9
Come to the North once more10
From the South’ron’s chains—from England’s thrall11
Come ! come ! ’tis “ Auld Scotland’s ” toiler’s call.12
Of toil and danger fearless,13
Unyielding still ye stood ;14
In dungeons dark and cheerless,15
Ye still were unsubdued.16
Then, come ! for this daring nobly done17
Receive ye the thanks so bravely won.18
And still, unfearing any,19
Your dauntless course pursue ;20
Still to the injur’d many,21
As ye have been—be true,22
And more than a people’s praise shall be23
Your meet reward, brave patriots three.24
Raise ! raise ! glad welcome toilers25
To freedom’s worthy three,26
Who ne’er to England’s spoilers27
Would bow the coward knee,28
Raise your welcome hand, uncurb’d by fear29
It is not a royal toy you cheer !30
And be proud triumph sounded31
Till traitors hearts shall quail32
Till tyrant’s souls, astounded,33
With guilty fear shall fail ;34
Till the toiler’s hearts shall bound,35
And “ Auld Scotland’s ” hills with joy resound !36