Harry Brougham. 1

Britain’s now astir all over,1
All complaining and conspiring,2
And, from John O’Groat’s to Dover3
Democrats all souls are firing.4
Ask you whence arose the storm ?5
All is owing to “ Reform ;”6
If the people rage and fume,7
’Tis the fault of Harry Brougham.8
Education, Education,9
Free from articles and creed ;10
Agitation, agitation,11
Schoolmaster’s abroad indeed.”12
Ask you why all hearts so warm ?13
All is owing to “ Reform ;”14
If knowledge reaches e’en the loom,15
’Tis the fault of Harry Brougham.16
Whigs, you give not half enough17
All soft sawdor words and blarney ;18
Let’s have men of sterner stuff,—19
Will not our wide grumbling warn ye ?”20
Thus it is the people bore em,21
And all owing to “ Reform ;”22
When they cry, “ make room, make room,”23
’Tis the fault of Harry Brougham.24
Selfish landlords, give us corn25
Free be trade, and free be thought ;26
Think you ’twill be longer borne27
God’s good gifts lie stored to rot ?28
These demands, tho’ you deplore ’em,29
Are all owing to “ Reform.”30
Landlords, all your grief and gloom31
Is the fault of Harry Brougham.32
Ballot votes for all the nation33
Members paid —sederunts shorter34
Worth—not wealth, the plea for station ;—35
Nought will please us but the Charter.”36
Horum omnium malorum,37
The cause, believe me, is “ Reform.”38
If ’tis Britain’s day of doom,39
’Tis the fault of Harry Brougham.40

Editorial notes

  1. Henry Peter (Harry) Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, was a journalist and Liberal leader who served as Lord Chancellor in the early 1830s. His publications on political philosophy were highly influential. Brougham is pronounced broom, as is evident from the rhyme-scheme.