Land of Kings and Queens.

Adieu, adieu, to England’s shore,1
We bid a long, a last farewell ;2
No more we’ll bear the ills we bore,3
That make the fairest scene a hell.4
Away o’er ocean’s foaming breast,5
Upon the breeze’s rapid wings6
We speed, to seek a home and rest,7
Polluted not by Queens or Kings.8
Bright are old England’s cheerful fields9
With yellow corn, that waves like gold,10
Where bounteous nature ever yields11
Her gladdening treasures uncontrolled.12
But ne’er to us the blessed horn13
Of plenty, wealth or comfort brings ;14
Our rulers tax the very corn,15
To feed the lusts of Queens or Kings.16
Fair are the hamlets where our sires17
Lie in their calm and final sleep ;18
Fair are the graceful village spires19
But even those we’re taxed to keep.20
The pampered priest with greedy hands21
His “ tenth” inexorably wrings,22
And we must grant his fell demands,23
E’en when we’ve paid our Queens or Kings.24
They tell us England’s free as fair,25
God, what a jest on liberty !26
Free ? why, they’d tax the very air,27
Could it be done, for royalty.28
Free ? while our jails are filled with those29
Who feel the law’s foul scorpion stings,30
Because they told the people’s woes31
Woes that are wrought by Queens and Kings !32
And she who sits on England’s throne33
No English feeling doth possess,34
And native industry alone35
Knows not the Royal bounteousness.36
Her smiles are lavished — golden smiles,37
On foreign men and foreign things ;38
Our vulgar claims her taste reviles39
Then what owe we to Queens or Kings ?40
Away, away, speed gallant bark41
With gallant swiftness on your flight,42
From Britain’s scenes of slavery dark43
To lands of liberty and light ;44
To lands wherein the people’s choice45
O’er power a glorious halo flings ;46
To lands that own no despot’s voice ;47
To lands unblessed with Queens or Kings !48