Liberty’s Tree.

When the Goddess of Freedom awoke from her trance,1
That long had been counted as dead,2
And back to its den in dismay and affright3
The spirit of tyranny fled ;4
There was not a speck on the horizon’s brow,5
All around was so lovely and fair6
Earth bloomed as an Eden with beautiful flowers,7
For Heaven had planted them there.8
The Goddess from these chose a beautiful plant,9
She called it the Liberty Tree ;10
And said—here’s an emblem of hope to the world,11
Its soil is the home of the free.12
I bequeath it to man— it is his at his birth—13
And while he the “relic” shall guard,14
The ne’er fading laurels of honour and fame,15
His love and his truth shall reward.16
It budded—it bloomed— so luxuriant it grew—17
And so rich were the fruits that it bore18
Mankind were delighted to taste of the sweets—19
’Twas pleasure untasted before.20
In these there was wisdom and knowledge conveyed,21
Before to the senses denied ;22
Man stole not through earth as a slave to his kind,23
But walked in his glory and pride.24
There was love—there was peace—all rancour had ceased ;25
No wild jarring elements rose26
And man hailed his brother in friendship and truth,27
And wonder’d they e’er had been foes.28
Unmask’d they now saw where grim tyranny lurk’d29
Desolation had marked all its path,30
Around it lay heap’d up the bones of the slain,31
It seem’d as the valley of death.32
Though now it should start, in its death pang, to strike,33
And extirpate what liberty won34
As soon shall the demon ascend the blue vault,35
And extinguish the bright beaming sun36
Than eradicate aught freedom’s hand hath achieved,37
And holds as a treasure so dear:38
To the place of its birth it must quickly retire,39
Never more upon earth to appear.40
My countrymen, shrink not—nor scorn the fair prize41
Your sites once so gloriously won42
’Tis Liberty calls you again to be men,43
For Tyranny’s race it is run.44
Who would be a slave, let him herd with the base,45
Nor encumber the arm of the free,46
Let him sneak to his den, and ne’er taste of the fruits47
That drop from the Liberty Tree.48