The Auld State Kirk.

New Song.

Tune— “ Auld Lang Syne.

The Auld State Kirk is deaf an’ blin’,1
An’ donart in her min’ ;2
Nae mair the bonny spanken lass3
O’ auld lang syne.4
In dotage—by a dotard led,5
An’ mony a mad divine,6
She doits an’ dreams, a waefu’ sight,7
Since auld lang syne.8
The chield in black, support her back,9
An’ paint an’ busk her fine,10
To mak’ her shine, as fair an’ trig,11
As auld lang syne.12
The feckless creature ’s like to coup,13
Like priest that reels in wine ;14
Unlike the modest, blooming lass,15
O’ auld lang syne.16
But we’ll forsake the doited croon,17
An’ ilka mad divine ;18
To ane we loe, the bonny kirk,19
O’ auld lang syne.20
The Chartist Kirk is hale an’ strang,21
And she’ll be yours an’ mine ;22
The purest, simplest, and the best,23
Since auld lang syne.24
In native, modest, sweet attire,25
Her artless graces shine !26
The comely pom she first appear’d,27
In auld lang syne.28
The rich an’ poor, the young an’ auld,29
Are welcome at her shrine ;30
A social band of honest men,31
Like auld lang syne.32