A Voice from Beverley.

[ The following beautiful, and affecting Song has been
addressed by Mr Robert Peddie to his Wife.  It
cannot fail to be popular with our readers.]
Hark, the doleful prison bell1
Resounding through my dreary cell,2
That wakes me up to tortures fell,3
Far frae love and thee, lassie.4
But there’s a spark not tyrants power5
Can quench in my most doleful hour ;6
For spite of dungeon, bolt, and tower,7
My soul’s at hame wi’ thee, lassie.8
Soon as I close my waukrif’ e’e9
On fancy’s wings I’m borne to thee,10
Where I would, fain for ever be,11
At hame wi’ love and thee, lassie.12
Again the virtuous wife I find,13
The tried, the true, the ever kind ;14
The workings of whose constant mind15
Is filled with love to me, lassie.16
Again that pensive face I see17
That lefty, brow and speaking e’e,18
That’s beaming still with love to me,19
’Midst a’ that I maun dree, lassie.20
But oh ! the day-spring’s earliest beams21
Dissolve in air those happy dreams ;22
And now to me existence seems23
A blank when wanting thee, lassie.24
But memory here exerts her powers,25
Conjuring up those happy hours26
I blythely spent in Scotia’s bowers,27
A’ wi’ love and thee, lassie.28
And fresh and lovely bring to min’29
That scene upon the banks of Tyne,30
Where first ye whispered. I’ll be thine,31
I’ll live wi’ love and thee, lassie.32
Our happiest hour of early life,33
I clasp’d you to my breast—a wife,34
And fondly thought that far from strife,35
I’d live with love and thee, lassie.36
But glorious hope yet gilds the gloom37
That canopies my living tomb,38
And kindly tell the days will come39
That I’ll meet love and thee, lassie.40
Or points to scenes beyond the grave,41
Where meet the good, the pure, the brave,42
When I no more a tyrant’s slave43
Will meet with love and thee, lassie.44
Till then, farewell! may heaven’s high power45
On thee his: choicest blessings shower, 46
And cheer thee in affliction’s hour, 47
When far from love and thee, lassie.48