Figure descriptions
Two figures, a husband and wife, sit in their home. The man is perched on a chair at a table; he holds a letter in his right hand and embraces his wife with his left. His expression suggests shock and sorrow. The woman kneels on the ground beside her husband; her elbows perch on his lap and she cries into a cloth in her hands. The room in which they sit is decorated with domestic items. In front of the couple, there is a table adorned with a fringed tablecloth and a matching chair. Behind them, there is a chest with a sloped top, a small mounted cabinet, and a hanging portrait of a young woman. A coat also hangs on the wall. In the background and through a door frame, there are visible details of a fully windowed room. The background room appears to contain a rectangular planter and materials for gardening or farming. A vine is visible through the window. Full-page illustration contained by a single-ruled border.