The Satrap

Figure descriptions
A man (the Satrap) lies face up in a bed under a blanket with the upper half of his head covered by cloth. A woman sits at the head of his bed: the Satrap rests his head on her left forearm and lies his outstretched arm over her lap. Beside them, a man crouches and steps toward the resting Satrap. The man rests his right hand on the handle of his sword. The woman holds her pointer finger to her lips in a quieting gesture as she looks toward the approaching man. A woman watches the scene from the background. The sleeping area is on a raised platform and includes draped cloths and silks, an animal pelt, and a lyre topped with a decorative lion. A bowl and a pouring vessel stand on a table to the left of the soldier. Full-page illustration contained in a single-ruled border.