If I Were King of Ireland.

My love’s a match in beauty1
For every flower that blows ;2
Her little ear’s a lily,3
Her velvet cheek a rose ;4
Her locks, like gillygowans,5
Hang golden to her knee.6
If I were King of Ireland,7
My Queen she’d surely be.8
Her eyes are fond forget-me-not,9
And no such snow is seen10
Upon the heaving hawthorn bush11
As crests her bodice green,12
The thrushes, when she’s talking,13
Sit listening on the tree.14
If I were King of Ireland,15
My Queen she’d surely be.16
Her folk look more above for her,17
I know the darling better ;18
So I’ve set down my love for her19
All in one secret letter.20


And here’s her answer back to me ;21
My heart, my heart keep steady !22
If I were King of Ireland ?23
I’m King, I’m King already.24