Sacontala. A Tale

Figure descriptions
An Indian woman dressed in ornate clothing sits on a low throne and rests her arm on her leg. The poem text identifies the woman as Sacontala, a royal of India. She wears a dress with multiple patterns, a long veil, and intricate beaded jewellery on her head, neck, and across her chest. A woman sits on the ground at the foot of her throne playing a string instrument. She also wears multiple kinds of jewellery including a beaded headband. A dark-skinned shirtless man kneels before Sacontala. He wears loose pants and a long piece of fabric slung over his shoulder. The man bows his head and gestures with palms up and both arms outstretched. There is a basket of flowers on the ground between the man and the throne. Sacontala looks down toward the man. On a lower step, there are additional objects such as a feathered fan, a bowl, and a decorative jug. In the background, there is a long draping curtain and a large potted plant. From the shadows in the background, two women embrace and fan Sacontala with a feathered fan. Beside them, two children embrace while looking toward the throne. In the distance, there is an onion-domed roof surrounded by deciduous and palm trees. Full-page illustration contained within a multi-ruled border.