Evening Prayer at a Girls’ School

Figure descriptions
A group of women and girls gather indoors for evening prayer. They wear matching, flowing, light-coloured dresses. The women appear to be leading the girls in prayer. At the left side of the foreground, a woman stands surrounded by multiple kneeling girls, some of whom clasp their hands together in front of their chests. The woman holds a small book and gestures with one hand as she looks down toward the girls. In the background, five older girls gather around a table; they all kneel and some of them clasp their hands in front of their chests while bowing their heads. A woman stands at the right side of the table and leans over while holding an open book in her hands. A dog sleeps in the bottom-right corner of the illustration. There is furniture, including a set dining table, in the room and frames decorate the walls. In the background, long draping curtains frame an unfocused view of a bookcase. Pottery sits on top of the bookcase and a chandelier hangs from the ceiling.