Figure descriptions
A man and a woman embrace just outside of an awning. The man wears his right arm in a sling. The woman holds his right hand with her left, drapes her right arm over his neck, and leans into his left shoulder for an embrace. They both close their eyes. A woman sits in the background and watches them from the shadows. She smiles at the couple and holds her glasses in front of her. A fourth figure sits further in the background. There is a long stick and a flower on the ground by the man’s feet. There are several objects under the awning: a bird cage, a spinning wheel, furniture, a cloth, and an open book. Vines wrap around the awning’s pole and through a trellis on its side. Further plants and trees stand in the background, and birds fly in the sky. Figures walk on a path in the distance. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.