Where shall I find him ? Angels ! tell me where :
You know him ; he is near you ; point him out :
Shall I see glories beaming from his brow ?
Or trace his footsteps by the rising flowers ?”
Say, where shalt thou be found on earth ?1
Mysterious and sublime !2
Imagined at Creation’s birth,3
But yet unborn in Time !4
Albeit thy footsteps we can trace,5
As if thou wert but few hours’ space6
Before us—yet thy clime,7
Thy life, and course, remain to man,8
Unknown as when the world began.9
All other things of mortal aim10
Are seen, pursued, and caught ;11
But thou—the shadow of a name12
Art ever vainly sought.13
The eagle, and the clouds that fly14
Before the morn’s nativity,15
Ere yet the sun is brought16
Above the earth, alone can say,17
We saw thee ere thou wert, To-day.”18
Riches and rank, ambition’s height,19
The love of female hearts,20
The Hero’s wreath of living light,21
This world full oft imparts :22
E’en worth and happiness have shed23
Their radiance round a mortal head ;24
But all of human arts25
To thine abode could never climb,26
Nor mark the approaching wheels of Time.27
Thy changing features oft have been28
Like those deceitful sands,29
On Mizraim’s wildest deserts seen,30
As cool and water’d lands ;31
Though vainly towards their blessed seat32
The pilgrim drags his wearied feet,33
For when he o’er it stands,34
The mist hath fled, the magic stream,35
Like thee, To-morrow, proves a dream !36
Vain hope, then, for a child of dust,37
Art thou with all thy years ;38
Albeit, unto thy care we trust39
Our fondest hopes and fears.40
Yet fleeting time is hastening round41
A period when thou shalt be found42
To die when it appears !43
For the last setting sun shall see44
To-morrow in eternity !45