The Sailor’s Evening Song.

In the wave the sun is sinking,1
’Mid a realm of limpid light,2
Of his own bright glories drinking,3
Ere he shrouds himself in night.4
Now the breezy zephyr’s sighing5
On fair summer’s rippling sea,6
To its measured tones replying,7
Lady, will I sing to thee.8
Shall I sing of martial story,9
Of the daring hazards run,10
When I sought the battle’s glory,11
For thy praise o’er laurels won ?12
No ! my harp its voice refuses ;13
Gentler far my theme must be ;14
Whilst the eve its calm diffuses,15
War I must not sing to thee.16
Shall I sing of Friendship’s power17
Friendship, holy, pure, and bright ?18
No ! ’tis not for sunset’s hour19
Friendship loves the cold moonlight.20
Let my harp’s wild numbers flowing21
Rouse the echoes on the lea ;22
Be its theme more deeply glowing :23
Friendship I’ll not sing to thee.24
Wake, my harp ! in passion’d measure,25
Pour the ardent voice of song ;26
Softly now, now wild in pleasure,27
Sweep thy swelling chords along :28
Now the shades of eve descending,29
Veil thy blushing charms from me !30
Pity sure its ear is lending31
While my love I sing to thee.32
Lady, shall I sing of sorrow33
Mid a fairy scene like this ?34
No !— our hearts its joy shall borrow,35
As they melt in mutual bliss.36
Love I’ll sing, but not its sadness ;37
Care shall from our bosoms flee ;38
Love, all peace, all hope, all gladness,39
Lady, will I sing to thee.40