The Snowdrop’s Call.

Who else is coming ?— There’s sunshine here !1
Ye would strew the way for the infant year :2
The frost-winds blow on the barren hill,3
And icicles hang in the quarry still ;4
But sunny, and shelter’d, and safe, are we,5
In the moss at the foot of the sycamore tree.6
Are ye not coming ? the first birds sing ;7
They call to her bowers the lingering Spring ;8
And, afar to his home near the north pole-star,9
Old Winter is gone in his snow-cloud car ;10
And the storms are past, and the sky is clear,11
And we are alone, sweet sisters ! here.12
Will ye not follow ?  Ye safe shall be13
In the green moss under the sycamore tree.14
And, oh! there is health in the clear cold breeze,15
And a sound of joy in the leafless trees ;16
And the sun is pale, yet his pleasant gleam :17
Has waken’d the earth, and unchain’d the stream ;18
And the soft west-wind, oh, it gently blows !19
Hasten to follow, pale lady Primrose !20
And Hyacinth graceful, and Crocus gay,21
For we have not met this many a day.22
Follow us, follow us ! follow us then,23
All ye whose home is in grove or glen.24
Why do ye linger ?  Who else is coming,25
Now Spring is awaked with the wild bees’ humming ?26