The Gentianella.

In Leaf.

Green thou art, obscurely green,1
Meanest plant among the mean!2
—From the dust I took my birth;3
Thou too art a child of earth,4
I aspire not to be great;5
Scorn not thou my low estate:6
Wait the time, and thou shalt see7
Honour crown humility,8
Beauty set her seal on me.9

In Flower.

Blue thou art, intensely blue!10
Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?11
—When I open’d first mine eye,12
Upward glancing to the sky,13
Straightway from the firmament14
Was the sapphire brilliance sent:15
Brighter glory wouldst thou share?”16
Look to heaven, and seek it there17
In the act of faith and prayer!18