The Pretty Page.

Cupid I did once engage1
As my vassal, my sweet page2
Obedient both to love and beauty.3
First, the little rogue was shy,4
Speaking most obsequiously5
But he soon forgot his duty.6
If I chanced to sigh or smile,7
Cunning Cupid, all the while,8
Thought I meant for him the favour ;9
But I taught the boy to know,10
He, the saucy page, might go,11
Or must alter his behaviour.12
This alarm’d the pretty elf :13
Soon young Cupid proved himself14
Worthy of my sovereign pleasure.15
Now the tender-hearted boy16
Is my boast, my pride, my joy17
Love and beauty’s dearest treasure.18
Yet, perchance, young Cupid may19
I confess I fear that day20
Prove to me, or soon, or later,21
Spite of love, and spite of beauty,22
He hath all “ forgot his duty,”23
And, at best, is but a traitor !24