Where is God?

Where is He ? —Ask his emblem,1
The glorious, glorious sun,2
Who glads the round world with his beams3
Ere his day’s long course is run.4
Where is He ? —Ask the stars that keep5
Their nightly watch on high.6
Where is He ? —Ask the pearly dews,7
The tear-drops of the sky.8
Where is He ? —Ask the secret founts9
That feed the boundless deep ;10
The dire simoom, or the soft night-breeze11
That lulls the earth to sleep.12
Where is He ? —Ask the storm of fire13
That bursts from Etna’s womb,14
And ask the glowing lava-flood15
That makes the land a tomb.16
Where is He ? —Ask the Maelstrom’s whirl,17
Shiv’ring tall pines like glass ;18
Ask the giant oak, the graceful flow’r,19
Or the simplest blade of grass.20
Where is He ? —Ask Behemoth,21
Who drinketh rivers dry ;22
The ocean-king, Leviathan,23
Or the scarce-seen atom fly.24
Where is He ? —Ask the awful calm25
On mountain-tops that rests ;26
And the bounding, thund’ring avalanche,27
Rent from their rugged crests.28
Ask the wide-wasting hurricane,29
Careering in its might ;30
The thunder-crash, the lightning-blaze,31
Earth all convulsed with fright.32
Where is He ? —Ask the crystal isles33
On arctic seas that sail,34
Or ask, from lands of balm and spice,35
The perfume-breathing gale,36
Where in the universe is found37
That presence-favour’d spot38
All—all—proclaim his dwelling-place—39
But say—Where is He not ?40