Where is God?

Where is He ?— Ask his emblem,1
The glorious, glorious sun,2
Who glads the round world with his beams3
Ere his day’s long course is run.4
Where is He ?— Ask the stars that keep5
Their nightly watch on high.6
Where is He ?— Ask the pearly dews,7
The tear-drops of the sky.8
Where is He ?— Ask the secret founts9
That feed the boundless deep ;10
The dire simoom, or the soft night-breeze11
That lulls the earth to sleep.12
Where is He ?— Ask the storm of fire13
That bursts from Etna’s womb,14
And ask the glowing lava-flood15
That makes the land a tomb.16
Where is He ?— Ask the Maelstrom’s whirl,17
Shiv’ring tall pines like glass ;18
Ask the giant oak, the graceful flow’r,19
Or the simplest blade of grass.20
Where is He ?— Ask Behemoth,21
Who drinketh rivers dry ;22
The ocean-king, Leviathan,23
Or the scarce-seen atom fly.24
Where is He ?— Ask the awful calm25
On mountain-tops that rests ;26
And the bounding, thund’ring avalanche,27
Rent from their rugged crests.28
Ask the wide-wasting hurricane,29
Careering in its might ;30
The thunder-crash, the lightning-blaze,31
Earth all convulsed with fright.32
Where is He ?— Ask the crystal isles33
On arctic seas that sail,34
Or ask, from lands of balm and spice,35
The perfume-breathing gale,36
Where in the universe is found37
That presence-favour’d spot38
All—all—proclaim his dwelling-place—39
But say—Where is He not ?40