They say, my sons are sleeping1
Beneath the treach’rous wave,2
And I—their mother—keeping3
A wild watch o’er their grave ;4
But are they dead ?— nay, seeming5
Deep in the lake to lie,6
They’re whisp’ring love, or dreaming,7
And will not heed my cry.8
Ullah !9
Flow on, flow on, glad waters10
The loved, the young, the brave,11
Are gone to court thy daughters,12
The blithe ones of the wave.13
Shine on, thou lake of pleasure,14
When late thy breast was spread,15
Each sunk, to seek his treasure,16
As on a rosy bed.17
Ullah !18
Bloom on, green isles of beauty,19
Ye’ll sparkle not in vain ;20
For though to mortal duty.21
The loved ne’er rise again ;22
Yet, since they did adore ye,23
By the moon’s melting ray24
They’ll rove with sea-maids o’er ye,25
Or elves, more bright than they.26
Ullah !27
Rise, dear ones, from the waters!28
And glad me with your smile ;29
The lake’s enamour’d daughters30
May spare ye for a while :31
Quit, quit their love, too tender,32
Their music, and their wine ;33
Leave, leave their homes of splendour34
One hour, to brighten mine !35
Ullah !36