He comes from afar,1
Where the billows are sounding2
He comes from afar,3
Where the wild waves are bounding :4
He comes to his trysting5
Beneath the green tree:—6
But, alas, for the maiden7
He never see !8
Never, oh, never !—9
Blighted for ever !10
Alas, for the maid whom he never see !11
Deep, deep in the wild glen12
A grave is preparing ;13
And, hark !  to her lone home14
The maid they are bearing.15
Full sweet will her sleep be16
From sorrow and pain ;17
But ne’er shall she meet with18
Her lover again !19
Never, oh, never !—20
Blighted for ever !21
Ne’er shall she meet with her lover again!22
O whisper, ye trees !  when23
His lost one he’s seeking ;24
Bear to him the words of25
A heart that is breaking !26
Say how well she loved him27
In sorrow and pain,28
When madness came over29
Her heart and her brain.30
Buried for ever !31
Never, oh, never32
Shall the maid of his bosom behold him again !33