Figure descriptions
Illustration depicts a Persian banquet scene from the Book of Esther viewed with a wide vista. In this scene, a crowd gathers in a banquet hall. At the right side of the illustration, a woman in bright white attire sits under an ornately decorated canopy and raises her hand to address the crowd. The poem text indicates that this woman is Queen Esther. Figures gather around her throne and bow before her. At the left side of the illustration, a man in dark robes raises both hands in the air, also addressing the banquet crowd. The poem text indicates that this man is Hamān, chief minister of the King of Persia. Multiple figures gather around a long banquet table at the center of the illustration, and a crowd gathers in the background. The banquet hall contains several decorated columns and ornamental mouldings. Tasselled cloths drape from the walls and ceiling. Trees and a Persian city are visible in the background on the left side of the illustration. Full page.