The Triumph of Mordecai

Figure descriptions
A crowd gathers in a city in Persia. At the center of the crowd, a crowned man rides a white horse. The majority of the crowd faces him; some of the figures raise their hands in the air. Figures also watch him or gesture toward him from the building rooftops. In the shadows at the left side of the illustration, a figure kneels on the ground and bows deeply toward the central figure. At the right side of the illustration, figures in hooded cloaks gather and raise their arms in the air. These figures face another group of figures; together, they gesture toward the right side of the illustration. A beam of light shines between them; it appears to light a path for the central figure. Beams of light stream through the clouds in the background and illuminate the cityscape, focusing on the areas around the central figure. There are buildings and trees in the background. Full page.