Night and Love

Figure descriptions
A woman lies on a floating cloud and holds a young boy at her hip. The woman wears a flowing gown and a long shawl, the latter of which flows upward in a breeze. The shape of the shawl, the curve of the woman’s body, and the floating cloud form the shape of a waning crescent moon. The boy whom the woman holds close has light curled hair. He crosses his arms at his chest and leans closely toward the woman’s face. They gaze into each other’s eyes. There is a set of feathered wings in-between the two figures, but it is unclear to whom they belong. Both wings lean toward the right side of the illustration. The waxing crescent moon is high in the background and there are stars in the sky. The two figures float above a mountainous landscape. There is also a body of water, trees, and buildings below. Full page.