The Dying Knight

Figure descriptions
A dying knight lies on a bed. He wears a full set of armour, but his helmet is placed under his head. A crowd of men and women surround him. There is a man by his head and another man by his feet, both of whom are kneeling. Two cloaked men stand near the knight’s head; the man on the left holds a platter with a goblet, and the man on the right gestures toward the knight. Near the knight’s feet, a man and a woman turn away from the knight; the woman cries and the man wraps his arms around her. A woman sits on the knight’s bed. The rest of the illustration is dark, but this woman’s dress is light. Other figures can be partially seen on either side of the illustration. There is an open archway centered on the back wall, which shows a figure either walking away from or towards the knight. A book lies open on the floor next to the bed. Full-page illustration.