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Sweetest little sister ! child1
With affections unbeguiled2
Winning manners—gay, yet mild3
Darling little Orah !4
Full of play—yet serious, too5
What a fount of feeling true6
Doth the speaking eyes bedew7
Of our little Orah !8
Like the rivulets, thy glee9
Sparkles ever bright and free ;10
Sorrow is unknown to thee,11
Joyous little Orah !12
Sympathy in grief—or fear13
Of a danger drawing near,14
Only steals a passing tear15
From our little Orah !16
And anon the clouds depart17
The clear sunshine of the heart18
Bursts, and shews us what thou art,19
Sunny little Orah !20
Every wave on life’s rough sea21
Bears some treasure unto thee ;22
And their gloom thou dost not see,23
Merry little Orah !24
Pleasant thoughts thy bosom fill25
Thoughts unmarr’d by human ill :26
Frosts of time our feelings chill27
Not our happy Orah’s !28
Every day upon its wings29
Gladness to thy young heart brings30
And thou mourn’st not passing things,31
Thoughtless little Orah !32
May thy sunshine be as clear,33
Dear one !  in each future year34
May thy treasures ne’er grow sere,35
Precious little Orah !36
May thy young heart be the shrine37
Of a faith and love divine !38
Hope that feareth no decline39
Be our darling Orah’s !40
So when trials throng thy way,41
As, alas !  ere long they may !42
Joys exempt from time’s decay43
Shall enrich thee, Orah !44