The Grave.

From the German of Salis.

Deep is the grave, and silent ;1
The pall-like, broad, black hand2
Hides from the eye of sorrow3
That fearful unknown land.4
True friendship’s flowers will only5
Fall on the mossy ground ;6
Never shall be heard below7
The nightingale’s sweet sound.8
There brides bereaved and grieving9
Shall wring their hands in vain ;10
The orphan’s lamentations11
Give to the dead no pain.12
But in no other dwelling13
Shall all our troubles cease,14
And only through death’s portal15
We reach the home of peace.16
Hearts wearied here, and broken17
By many a ruthless blast,18
Shall find no shelt’ring haven19
Till death’s dark vale is past.20