A soul was in each hour, that sped1
So swiftly past, with Thee ;2
They stay not with their kindred fled,3
But come again to me ;4
As if a sweet amends to pay5
They come my heart to cheer,6
When Thou art gone, because their stay7
Was short when Thou wert near !8
A soul was in each flower that then9
We gathered ; still they blow,10
And o’er me, ere I sleep, again11
In sweetness come and go ;12
I see them not, but near me set13
Their odours round me weave14
A chain of happy dreams, where yet15
I walk with Thee at Eve !16
Our thoughts were like the bees, dear Friend,17
That through the summer hours18
Upon a widening circuit wend,19
Yet never leave the flowers ;20
No marvel they should come again21
With sweetness in their track,22
To show where they were straying then23
And bring the honey back !24