Thorns in the Pillow.

Tiny thorns1
Are in my pillow,2
Little boughs3
Of weeping willow.4
When I sleep5
Too much—they press me,6
Then I wake,7
And so they bless me.8
Little thorns !9
I would be grateful,10
All the sins11
Ye pierce are hateful.12
Grieve I not,13
But thank thee rather,14
Planted by15
My watchful Father.16
Sharper pains17
Assailed my Saviour,18
Yet how meek19
Was His behaviour !20
Cruel foes21
Laughed on uncaring,22
While the thorns23
His brow were tearing.24
Oh, I love25
To be a sharer26
In the griefs27
Of that Sin-bearer !28
Leave not then29
My downy pillow,30
Tiny thorns31
And weeping willow.32