Figure descriptions
Multiple figures gather around a path that cuts through a field. In the foreground, on the left side of the illustration, a woman holds a baby in her arm. She points at a dog who runs by her feet, directing her baby’s attention to the animal. A young girl grabs the woman’s dress and tries to walk in the direction of the path. In the middle of the foreground, two boys and a young girl stand beside a donkey on the path. One of the boys holds a stick in the air, threatening a rabbit that stands in the background. On the right side of the foreground, two boys sit on a bluff and gesture toward the figures on the path. There are several sheep in the background behind the group of figures. Two men engage in agricultural work on a hill in the distance. They bend over or kneel on the ground, cutting grain and gathering it into bushels. The hill is lined with trees and bushes, and there are large deciduous trees on the right side of the foreground. 1/2-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.