The sun gets up in the morning1
And lifts his stately head ;2
Open your eyes, my sleepy skies,3
The sun is out of bed !4
The moon is very timid,5
She dare not meet the sun,6
With a heigh-ho ! the stars must go,7
And hide themselves one by one.8
The sun gets up in the morning9
The world is all alight ;10
Every tree is full of glee,11
Every blossom bright ;12
Every bird is singing13
A welcome to his King,14
With a Well done, beautiful sun !15
You glorify every thing.16
The sun gets up in the morning,17
And so must children too ;18
How dare you keep fast asleep,19
The sun is calling you !20
Mid all the birds and blossoms21
Your merry voices raise :22
With a Hurrah ! How glad we are23
We have got a sun to praise !24