The World as I Find It.

They say the world’s a weary place,1
Where tears are never dried,2
Where pleasures pass like breath on glass,3
And only woes abide.4
It may be so—I cannot know—5
Yet this I dare to say,6
My lot has had more glad than sad,7
And so it has to-day.8
They say that love’s a cruel jest ;9
They tell of women’s wiles10
That poison dips in pouting lips,11
And death in dimpled smiles.12
It may be so—I cannot know—13
Yet sure of this I am,14
One heart is found above the ground15
Whose love is not a sham.16
They say that life’s a bitter curse—17
That hearts are made to ache,18
That jest and song are gravely wrong,19
And health a vast mistake.20
It may be so—I cannot know—21
But let them talk their fill ;22
I like my life, and love my wife,23
And mean to do so still.24