Dimly lit scene of an arched bridge and a stream surrounded by trees. A black bird flies near the water. 1/2 page.

The Slow Stream.

Ah me ! I said, the stream is slow,1
My spirit chides delay ;2
How languidly its waters flow3
Throughout the summer day !4
It creeps along with sleepy song,5
And loiters on the way.6
Beneath the ivied arch it seems :7
To pause in dusky rest,8
As if it wearied of the beams9
Of sunlight on its breast,10
And loved to sleep in shadows deep,11
By willow-boughs caressed.12
It dallies with the golden flowers13
In meadows cool and green,14
And murmurs under feudal towers15
Of glories that have been ;16
Too long it stays in woodland ways17
Among the ferns, I ween.18
There waits an eager heart for me19
Far on the shining main ;20
It is the sea, the open sea,21
My soul is sick to gain.22
To moss and stone in dreamy tone23
The river mocks my pain.24
Oh, peace,” my guardian angel sighed25
(His voice was sweet and low),26
Love, work, and pray, and day by day27
The stream will faster flow ;28
It rests with thee, if Time shall be29
A river swift or slow.”30