The Fallow Field

Figure descriptions
Illustration is divided into two sections. In the first section, which runs horizontally across the top third of the page, a plow rests in an agricultural field. The field to the left of the machine has yet to be plowed. There is a building in the distance, surrounded by trees and dense foliage. This scene is contained within a thick, medium weight border, which breaks in the bottom-right corner. In the second section, which runs vertically down the left half of the page, a field of grain grows adjacent to a path. There are trees in the background. This scene is contained within a dark, medium-weight border with a rounded top edge. It is then set in to a rectangular border with flowers in the top corners. The full illustration, including both sections, forms an upside-down L shape on the periodical page. The poem title is let in to a blank space in the bottom-right corner of the illustration’s horizontal section.