At Richmond

Figure descriptions
Full-page illustration is divided into two sections. The larger, main section depicts a view overlooking a body of water. There are multiple trees in the foreground, one of which has been partially uprooted. The trees’ branches form a canopy over the top edge of the illustration. The body of water occupies the center of the illustration, and there are forested land masses on either side. Birds float on the water in the distance. The main section of the illustration is contained within a single-ruled border with curved top corners. The second section of the illustration is superimposed onto the bottom-right corner of the main illustration, occupying approximately one sixth of the page. It is contained within a medium-weight, rectangular border, which extends beyond the right edge of the main illustration. The second section depicts a wooden bridge which crosses a winding river. The bridge connects with a path on both sides of the river. There are plants and trees along the river banks and wild flowers in the foreground.