Calm and Storm

Figure descriptions
Multi-part illustration divided into four sections. In the first section, in the top half of the illustration, a ship sails away from a harbour. There are multiple sail boats at sea. A break water extends into the water in the background. There are rocks on the shore in the foreground. In the second section, in the bottom half of the illustration, the remains of a broken ship lie on the shore. Water rushes over the broken wood. The third section of the illustration is superimposed over the left-center of the illustration, and contained within a circular border. It features waves crashing violently across a rocky shore. Water splashes high in the air. The scene is set against seaside cliffs. The fourth section of the illustration is superimposed over the center-right of the illustration, behind the third section but in front of the first and second sections. It features a single sail boat sailing into the distant sea. The moon illuminates the water. The full illustration is contained within a dark, medium-weight border, and occupies the full page.