While children sleep1
They know not that their father toils ;2
They know not that their mother prays3
Bending in blessing o’er their beds,4
Imploring grace for afterdays.5
While children sleep6
They never dream that others work7
That they may have their daily bread ;8
When morning comes they rise and eat,9
And never ask how they are fed.10
While children sleep11
They do not see the shining sun—12
They do not know the gracious dew,13
In daily miracle of love,14
Is ever making all things new.15
Do we not sleep ?16
And know not that our Father works17
With watchful care about our way.18
He bends in blessing from above—19
His love broods o’er us day by day.20
Do we not sleep ?21
And never dream that others work,22
Reaping the sheaves that might be ours ;23
We see not how the shadows fall,24
Which mark the swift departing hours.25
Ah, still we sleep !26
Our drowsy eyes see not the Light,27
See not the Hands stretched out to bless,28
See not that waiting for us stands29
God’s kingdom and His righteousness.30